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Before snap of Mississauga Driveway
Customer decided they wanted a different look with they're front Driveway and armour stones.
After snap of Mississauga Driveway
Driveway extended slightly and Armour stones placed on entire left side. New cobble stone installed.
Mississauga Front Driveway Install
Before Picture of Mississauga Interlocking Driveway repair/re-install.
Sealed with premium g2 polymeric joint sand.
Mississauga Driveway Installation
Stone interlocking replace for driveway.
Base was revelled and re-compacted. New stone installed and old stone disposed of.
Streetsville Walkway Before Picture
Before picture of a stone walkway in Streestsville Mississauga that needed a repair. Entire walkway will be taken out and revelled. Same stone will be placed back and sealed with polymeric sand.
Streetsville Walkway After Picture
After picture of a repaired walkway in Streetsville Mississauga. Same stone was used and sealed with Gator brand polymeric sand. The stones here are standard 4x8 stones that can be found in permacon, oaks pavers, technoblock or unilock.
Brampton Steps Install Unilock
Brampton Steps Install Unilock Pisa 2 Before picture
Brampton Steps Install Unilock
Brampton Steps Install Unilock Pisa 2 After picture
Structured steps installation
Lakeshore Walkway Repair (Before)
Front walkway and steps repair before picture at a house near lakeshore.
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