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Interlocking and Landscaping Specialists
mvr landscaping


Step 1: Excavation(Skip this step if already excavated or if grade needs to be raised)
Excavate the desired area 10" plus the thickness of stone (2.0"-4.75") or a minimum of 12" Inches for a walkway or patio. For a driveway excavate 16" plus the thickness of the stone (3.0"-4.75") or a minimum of 18" Inches.


Step 2: Compaction
Compact the excavated area with a plate compactor.


Step 3: Landscape Fabric(Optional)
Lay the fabric down in the desired area. Overlap each new fabric roll by 5"


Step 4: Gravel Aggregates
For walkway/patio Level out 8"-10" of Granular A gravel in the desired area.  For Driveway level out 12"-16" of granular a gravel.Note-2"-3" At a time per compaction. (Slope gravel away from house/foundation)


Step 5: Compaction
Compact the levelled gravel with a plate compactor.


Step 6: Limestone Aggregates
Level out 1.0"-3.0" of limestone screening. (Slope screening away from house/foundation; keep screening slope consistent with gravel slope)


Step 7: Lay/Cut Paver Stones
On the level surface lay the pavers according to design plan. Make any cuts that have to be done and set the stones in place.


Step 8: Edge Restraints(Optional)
For extra support install plastic/aluminum  edge restraints.


Step 9: Compaction
Compact the newly paved area twice.


Step 10: Brush Sand/Polymeric Sand
Brush in dry sand/polymeric sand in between all the joints of the pavers.


Step 11: Compaction
Compact the pavers one final time to allow the sand to fall deep in between the joints.


Step 12: Brush/Blow Sand Off
Brush some more sand into all the paver joints. Then brush off clean. Make sure there is no sand residue left on pavers.


Step 13: Wet The Polymeric Sand(only for polymeric sand installation)
Wet the newly paved area once completely, and then again 10-15 min later. DO NOT WALK/DRIVE ON THE SURFACE WHILE THE POLYMERIC SAND IS ACTIVATING. WAIT 24-48 HOURS.


Step 14: Finish!
Enjoy your new landscaping!

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