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Interlocking and Landscaping Specialists
mvr landscaping

Full Job Process



MEASURE/DESIGN (Skip this step if you already know the measurements/Design of the project)

Book an In-Person Estimate with MVR Landscaping to figure out the measurements of your project and get different design ideas.


STONE SELECTION (Skip this step if you have already bought or are buying the stone yourself)

Choose the stone you would like installed. Once we have your Measurements, Design Ideas and Stone type (Color+Make) we will give you a formal estimate for the complete cost of the job.

Note: Materials, Deliveries & Disposal costs are paid directly from you to the supplier. MVR Landscaping does not take deposits.




Schedule a Date with MVR Landscaping. No deposit Necessary.  We will do our best to maintain our booking times and schedules (weather may be a factor in dates being changed) We understand that there are deliveries scheduled so we pay close attention to our availability and the dates of material deliveries that we have scheduled. 



PAY FOR YOUR STONE/MATERIALS (Skip this step if you already have your stone/materials)

MVR Landscaping will contact the chosen stone supplier and customize your order to the appropriate specifications. We will evaluate your project and determine the amount of materials needed in order to complete the job. Once MVR Landscaping puts the order specifications together with the chosen supplier, the customer will visit/call the supplier to confirm the order type, delivery address and delivery dates. Once confirmed the customer pays for the materials & deliveries directly to the supplier.(Skip step 5 if you are purchasing stone/materials with 1 of our suppliers)



PAY FOR YOUR AGGREGATES (This step only applies to those who have their own stone but no aggregates; If you are buying your stone/materials through 1 of our suppliers then your Aggregates order is already added in the invoice with the supplier)

If you have your own stone but no aggregates, MVR Landscaping will help you determine the amount of aggregates you need and we will also help you schedule it for delivery for the date we have booked.




Once MVR Landscaping starts your job, we don't start another one until your job is completed.Click here for detailed description of what our typical Installation process consists of. 



Enjoy your new Landscaping! (Customers who chose the polymeric sand option must wait 48 hours before stepping/driving on the newly interlocked surface)

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