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Interlocking and Landscaping Specialists
mvr landscaping

About Us



MVR Landscaping a group of hard working people just like yourselves.
And we feel it is unfair for you to pay a mark up price because of a so called "FREE ESTIMATE" and not even know what the contractor puts inside your job.
With us you have the option to get the job done how you want and you get to call the shots, Afterall it is your property and you will be the ones living with it.

We provide all of our estimates over the phone/internet or we can come in and do an in person estimate/measurements for a small fee(FULLY REFUNDABLE) 

We do this in a way where we never pay a salesman and therefore never mark up the price on your job.

Click here for our Interlocking Step by Step Procedure:


Unilock Install Standard
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