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Interlocking and Landscaping Specialists
mvr landscaping

Our Process

For Smaller Jobs

-It is productive and efficient to have the Bin(if needed) Aggregates and Stone all scheduled to be delivered on site for the day we have booked or 1 day prior to our booking.

For Larger Jobs & High Level of Design Jobs

-It is productive and efficient to have the Bin ordered for the 1st Day of our booking.

-If the job is already excavated or no bin is required, then it is productive and efficient to have the aggregates and Stone on site for the 1st Day of our booking.

-For jobs with lots of design with no current lay out its best to book a In-Person Measurements/Estimate with Mvr Landscaping



Any add-ons or extra work added on to the job is possible at any time as long as we have the Stone/Materials for it!


No Deposit!

Since there is No Deposit, you may cancle our services booked at any time (Keep in mind that if you've already paid for your stone most suppliers charge a restocking fee)


You Pay Only For What Needs To Be Done!

Any work that you've done towards the job (i.e Excavation, moved stone/materials) will save you money in the end! The less work there is the less time it'll take!


Zero% Sales Commission ! Zero% Materials Commission!

Mvr Landscaping saves you even more money by not having any sales staff!

We also don't make any commission off of any Materials!




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