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Interlocking and Landscaping Specialists
mvr landscaping


Installation & Repairs

All we require is measurements, description and possibly a few pictures. For the more complex jobs an in-person estimate might be required.
This ensures you get an amazing deal, don't overpay and you know where your money is being spent. Simply put you get what you pay for.
(For the customers that prefer the traditional method, we now offer all inclusive Flat Rates on all of our jobs) 


You have the option of buying the materials yourself. We help you get your order together, Direct you to a major local brick supplier, make sure you don't miss anything out and get the right amount of aggregates.


We also understand that sometimes last minute emergency family expenses come up therefore we do not ask for a deposit!  (NOTE: If you've already purchased your stone and would like to change style or colour or simply return it, most major brick suppliers charge a 30% Restocking fee)

We don't make any money off of materials, sub contracting (e.g. asphalt),disposals or deliveries. 



In-Person Measurements/Estimates
Mississauga-$30(Refunded if project acquired)
Outside of Mississauga-$60(Refunded if project acquired)

If you require professional help measuring your job or you simply want to speak with someone in person for design ideas and suggestions, we charge a small fee for every house.

We do this to ensure you as the customer dont pay more than your supposed to. By paying for a sales associate 10%-15% of the job that ultimately comes directly out of your pocket.



Methods of Payment
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