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Commercial Interlocking and hardscape pictures
Retirement home side garden before
Before picture of a future garden pad with planter boxes.
Retirement home side garden after
Commercial stone patio with planter boxes.
Before picture of future patio
Before picture of future stone pad.
Stone Patio for future Planters
Stone patio made with standard 4x8 hollandstone from Unilock. Dark Border for design.
Stone Patio for future Planters 2
After picture of side garden patio built with hollandstone from unilock.
Commercial Building Patio Before
Before picture of a patio that needs repair. New stones from Unilock will be used with a border for design.
Commercial Building Patio After
After picture of a stone patio for a commercial building in mississauga. This was built with stones from Unilock.
Commercial Back Patio before
Before pictures of a patio for the residents of this building.
Commercial Back Patio After
After picture of a back patio for a residential Building in Mississauga.
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