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Backyard Pool Patio After Picture
After picture of lot grading, interlocking patio, retaining wall and fire pit.
Backyard Pool Patio Before Picture
Before picture. Future grading, retaining walls, fire pit and pool patio will be installed.
Custom Stone Fire pit and Stone Wall
Property graded and retained with wall. Retaining wall built from pisa2 and coping units. Pool patio made with beacon hill from Unilock.
Mississauga Pool Patio Before snap
Different angle of this before picture of backyard pool patio and garden bed.
Mississauga Pool Patio After snap
Sod was provided by green horizons, garden bed was built with retaining wall material and main stone for patio is called beacon hill from Unilock.
Garden Wall with Pool Patio
Different angle of this after picture. Garden wall was built with pisa2 from Unilock and main stone pavers are beacon hill smooth.
Before picture of Stone porch instal
Before picture of front hill/ steps demo. New steps and front porch will be installed. Built from oaks pavers materials in mississauga.
After picture of Stone porch install
Mississauga stone porch installation after picture.
Top interlocking was built with beacon hill. Main stone for wall and steps is ortana plus from oakspavers.
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Before picture of stone porch
Mississauga Porch installation
Before picture.
Porch built from oaks pavers ortana plus materials.
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