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Interlocking and Landscaping Specialists
mvr landscaping

Laminate, Vinyl Plank, Vinyl & Engineered Hardwood

We specialize in any kind of flooring! Even Indoors!

We are a name that you can trust.
We still get a contractors discount on all flooring materials!
You pay directly to the supplier!
No deposit!


​Installation Prices

  • Laminate-$1.5/Sqft 

  • Vinyl Plank-$1.5/Sqft

  • Engineered Hardwood-$2.25/Sqft

  • Quarter Round-$1/Linear ft

  • Base boards-$2.25/Linear ft

Demolition/Disposal Prices

  • Removal & Disposal Tile-$2.25/sq ft

  • Removal & Disposal Hardwood-$2.25/SqFt

  • Removal & Disposal Laminate-$1.5/Sq Ft

  • Removal and Disposal Vinyl-$1.5/Sq Ft

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